MWSA New Member & Renewal Application Form

Membership runs from  1 Jan to 31 Dec. The months are not prorated. New Membership Applications taken in October will cover the balance of  the year and the next membership year.

Membership Cost:

New Member Individual $195/Family $225 (Family includes only members living in the primary member’s  household under the age of 18)
Renewal Membership Individual $135/Family $150

**NOTE: All members are all eligible to receive a $35 discount off any membership level by completing 5 volunteer “work hours” and turning in the form found below

MWSA Constitution and By-Laws

MWSA By-Laws Approved by Membership and BoD 18_Dec_2017

MWSA Constitution

MWSA Forms

Note: All guests are required to complete a “Release and Assumption of Risk” form prior to using the facilities.

Release of Assumption of Risk MWSA Waiver Individual

Release of Assumption of Risk MWSA Group Waiver

BoD Nomination Form:  This form is to be used for members wishing to run for the Board of Directors and submitted no later than the close of the November Board of Director’s meeting.

MWSA Work Form:    Members are reminded that they must either turn in their completed Work Program form to receive their $35 discount on their renewal.

MWSA Indoor Range Access Form:   This form is used for a member to apply and qualify for access to the indoor range. Member must have completed 1 year of membership to be eligible for a key.

Event Application Scheduling Form:   Use this form to schedule an event with the club. Events must be scheduled NLT the first Monday prior to the event date.

MWSA Indoor Range Income & Expense Sheet   Use this form to track and record income and expenses for an event held in the Indoor Range.

Note: All MWSA forms are in Adobe .PDF format. If your computer can’t read a .PDF file, click the icon below for a free download of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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